RÉCKEL - Let’s celebrate freaky Art Projects

Cultural and Pedagogical Events by Lycée des Arts et Métiers

as part of ESCH22 and in collaboration with

Ville de Saulnes (France) and Vilnius Academy of Arts - Faculty Kaunas (Lithuania)

LAST Event

LASAUVAGE - Remix Europe
8th & 9th Octobre 
Minièresbunn Lasauvage 4697 Differdange

Saturday from 9am to 18pm
Sunday from 14pm to 17pm

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"Marche Gourmande"

Until the 30th of september -> reckel2022@gmail.com

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TRAIN schedule


What Is Reckel?

Réckel is a school project which consists of three different open-air events in the city centre of various locations in the south of Luxembourg. 

ESCH 2022 initiated several remixes and during each event we will focus on one specific remix (e.g. Remix Yourself, Remix Nature, Remix Art, Remix Europe).

Due to COVID-19 and to ensure that everything runs smoothly, we are planning to integrate itineraries to control the number of visitors as well as their proximity.

Our four interventions are part of one big global project and during each event we will reveal one of its facets. Elements from previous events will be transformed and adapted between each other.

Each event will feature different performances and our students will organize themed workshops which won’t last longer than two days and two nights.

Each time we will collaborate with different local associations.


Réckel is a provocative an artistic intervention that questions everything and is resolutely critical of the environment in which it acts.

Réckel, which means ‘move’ in Luxembourgish, is not only a title, but the approach to our teaching that tries to find its place in society. Our social, cultural, educational and environmental responsibilities all have an impact on the communities which we move and live in. Let's celebrate this way of living together.


Reckel wouldn't exist without the amazing support and help of our amazing partners!  Thank you all!